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The founding principle of the School of Légèreté is the absolute respect of the horse.

In this concept, Légèreté (French: lightness) is not a declaration of intent of a poetic or esoteric nature, but a philosophy bringing together clear, effective
and measurable equestrian concepts.

The philosophy of Légèreté excludes any use of force or coercive artificial aids (including side reins, draw reins, tightly closed nosebands etc.), but includes all types of horse and takes an interest in all equestrian disciplines. It provides an understandable and reliable training plan with clear principles, efficient methods and procedures that fully respect the nature of the horse. It thus allows any seriously motivated rider access to High School equitation, even with a perfectly ordinary horse.

The School of Légèreté takes its inspiration from the masters who have contributed to this equestrian philosophy: Xenophon, Fiaschi, La Broue, Pluvinel, La Guérinière, Dupaty de Clam, Hunersdorf, Freiherr von Sind, Baucher, Raabe, L'Hotte, Faverot de Kerbrech, Beudant, Oliveira etc. It is based on in-depth knowledge of the horse and is ready to re-analyse and improve itself with all types of progress in this respect (anatomy, physiology, locomotion, balance, psychology, ethology).

Lastly it has the aim of getting the best from any horse and fulfilling the rider through the constant search for efficiency via the minimum use of means.

Philippe Karl ______________________________________________________________________________________

Three Victorian Clinics will be held at Jurovan Park in Melton.

APRIL 2011: Monday 11th ~ Thursday 14th April with Sylvia Stossel

AUGUST 2011: Monday 29th ~ Thursday 1st Sept with Sylvia Stossel

DECEMBER 2011: Thursday 1st ~ Sunday 4th Dec with Philippe Karl

For details on these Clinics please contact the Australian coordinator: Pip Easton at Dressage World - Australian Clinics or to book in as a spectator please contact Natasha on 0410 716 344.

March 2011
Nicole Weinauge Clinics

Nicole Weinauge ~ At Myrtleford ~ Rimini Park,
3 clinics from Sunday 27th Feb ~ 12 March 2011.
Rider places are booked but spectators are most welcome.

Nicole Weinauge is returning to Australia from Germany in March 2011 for three clinics in Victoria, and three in Bathurst New South Wales.

Nicole is a Licenced teacher of The School of Lightness with over 10 years experience studying and riding with Philippe Karl and has a delightful and highly effective teaching style.
For further information contact Nadine OSullivan at Rimini Park

January 2011
Susie selected as a trainee teacher with the School of Lightness

With great excitement we received the news that Susie has been selected to be a student of Philippe Karl in the Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness) Australian Teacher's Course. This is a 3 year practical and theoretical course, with an exam in the the 4th year.
The teacher's clinics for 2011 are outlined above. Spectators are welcome to audit and follow the program.

"Ask often,
be content of little,
reward always."
Etienne Beudant
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