About Susie…

Susie's experience is diverse, and she brings a careful eye and an encouraging manner to a positive learning environment.


Inspired by the classical masters of old and ethological science of new, Susie organises logical training sessions that build on solid foundations. It is this aspect that minimises confusion and conflict, and encourages relaxation for both horse and rider. With a genuine respect for the horse - the absence of force or dominance emerges and this enables the development of willing cooperation and lightness from the horse


Susie is passionate about helping riders resolve problems to realise their potential and to keep the joy in riding or training.


Classical schooling involves respectful horse training for all riders - Adult riders, pony club riders, event riders, show-jumpers, endurance, western, pleasure riders and dressage competitors all benefit from a logical time honoured training method that respects the horse first and foremost.



Susie was raised on a riding school in Mooroolbark, Victoria and has owned and trained horses for 25 years. She has started young horses, retrained difficult horses and trained competition dressage horses, while also instructing at clinics and local riding clubs for the last 15 years. She has a Degree in Sociology, a Diploma in Adult Education, a Diploma of Applied Science in Horse Management, has worked as an EA dressage judge, was Project Editor of Andrew & Manu Mc Leans book: “Horse Training The McLean Way – The Science behind the Art.” and has several years management experience in corporate training and development.


When time permits, Susie occasionally competes in EA or ARC events, but her love and interest is in the joy of classical training and instructing, and seeing the results of grace and harmony freely expressed through the movements of the horse.


A Classical Philosophy 

I would like to think that my schooling philosophy is beginning to reflect that of the classical masters of time past.  I aspire to their wisdom and skill, and keep enjoying the humbling journey of life long learning.


True modern day classical masters are rare, but luckily there are more seeking to find the path. Here in Victoria, I feel we are lucky to have access to Manolo Mendez, whose link you can find on our links page. The following is a quote from Manolo, and one that I wholeheartedly agree with:


“I adhere to the principles of traditional dressage ..., which preserves the horse's body instead of wearing it down, and gently nurtures its mental growth, so that the physical and mental aspects work in unity.


Many horses today have become so far separated from their essence or the harmony that comes from the mind and body working in synchronicity,

that they suffer needlessly each day of their lives... I wish to pass on an understanding of the importance of the partnership; the joy of the dance that can be experienced by horse and rider when body and mind are working in a shared partnership. I want people to understand that the horse is an athlete, a partner in dance and as such, should be treated with the greatest respect.


The purpose of such training should be to allow the horse to reach his full potential with his full and willing cooperation and without pushing him beyond his mental and physical abilities”.

Manolo Mendez